Creamiest Hummus

by ila on February 21, 2013. Updated March 28, 2013

My friend called me after seeing my post Tahini Recipe. She asked me about Tahini and Hummus. I told her whatever I know about both.  Please allow me give a little introduction with short FAQ to those who never tasted hummus before.

Creamiest Hummus

“It’s a famous Middle eastern dip or spread. Basically Its blend of  cooked chickpeas, Tahini ,olive oil and garlic. “

Why it is called Hummus? Its a Arabic word which means Chickpeas.

Any Health benefits? Oh yes it is full of Vitamin C,Iron and Vitamin B6.

Please must try if you have never tasted it before. Here is secret of making Creamiest Hummus.

Creamiest Hummus

Creamiest Hummus
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Remove the skins from chickpeas before making hummus
Recipe type: Dip
Cuisine: Middle Eastern
Serves: 4-5
  • 2 cup cooked(boiled) chickpeas (Soaked in water overnight than boiled or steamed)
  • 1 tablespoon Tahini
  • 2 tablespoon of lemon juice
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 2 tablespoon olive oil
  • salt to taste
  1. Boil or steam chickpeas.Drain chickpeas. Now here is secret for smoothest hummus remove the skins from chickpeas. I know its really really boring ..but do that if you are aiming to make Creamiest Hummus ever.
  2. crush garlic cloves
  3. Add Tahini and garlic
  4. Add olive oil, lemon juice and salt
  5. Grind the mix in grinder till you get smooth paste
How to Boil Chickpeas? Add water just double as the amount of chickpeas,cover the pan with lid and simmer it approx 1 hour.


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  • Kaveri

    How long can we store it?

    • MyWayToCook

      Dear Kaveri, you can use it up to three days. Keep it in refrigerator.

  • Gina

    good trick! I also like to use a little non fat greek yogurt in lieu of the tahini – it is lower in fat and makes the end result super creamy :).

    • MyWayToCook

      Thanks Gina. I will try greek yogurt next time.

  • Angie

    That looks seriously smooth and creamy!

    • MyWayToCook

      Thanks Angie! :)

  • Andrea

    How long should I boil the chickpeas?

    • MyWayToCook

      Dear Andrea, Add water just double as the amount of chickpeas,cover the pan with lid and simmer it approx 1 hour.

  • curious

    It takes 8 hours?? Doing what? I was just wondering because it seems all you do it boil the chickpeas for 1 hour, and the rest isn’t that long of a process….just saying ;D Want to make sure I’m not missing something.

    • ila (MyWayToCook)

      Gald that you asked :) Actually I mentioned in my recipe ” (Soaked in water overnight than boiled or steamed)” So I basically included those hours also in prep time.

  • Hanna

    Hi Ila, you can add 1tbs of cumin powder, it adds nice taste :). I like your blog and your photos!

    • ila (MyWayToCook)

      Nice tips Hanna, I will surely try this next time. Thanks for your kind comment!

  • nnnic

    I’ve tried this and must say, I did not notice a difference between skinning the peas and leaving them be. I tend to keep the ingredients in the blender for ~5 minutes (on high), and gradually feed in the necessary amount of oil to keep it going.

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