I thought it would be a good idea if I make a resource page containing all the information I have collected so far about food blogging. I hope you will find this piece of article useful.

How to start a Food Blog

STEP 1. Select Blogging platform

I am running my website on HostMonster. Honestly I am paying less then 100$ a year and can run more then one website by paying only for one website.You can also choose free blogging platform like BlogSpot or WordPress. These platform are very easy to use.

STEP 2. Configure your blog.

Click here for Hostmonster Web Hosting Help WordPres

Click here for BlogSpot’s Getting started Guide

Click here for WordPress Getting started Guide

Why I chose WordPress over BlogSpot ?

I used BlogSpot initially, but soon I realized that BlogSpot doesn’t give you many plug-ins and templates to customize blog, which is kind of frustrating sometime because for every new plugin, you need to Google a lot. Since it was first time for me, I used to analyze every food blog and templates, and tried to add their blog features in mine.  On positive note, BlogSpot is extremely user friendly for the people having non technical background, and majority of the food bloggers are using BlogSpot.

Here is short comparison for your reference

No BlogSpot WordPress Winner Remarks
Google adsense friendly YES NO, you need to subscribe to the paid service for independent domain if you want adsense enabled to your account BlogSpot I preferred WordPress because I bought domain from HostMonster which allows to install wordpress for free also unlimited space for multiple domain. And if you are going to be a serious blogger then better to buy a domain name for your blog at the beginning itself.
Plugins YES YES WordPress WordPressprovide you access to huge plugins library for free. BlogSpot doesn’t have much plugins available.
Templates YES YES WordPress There are millions template available on web for WordPress, Frankly I didn’t get much options ( as per my choice) in BlogSpot.
Technical skills required? NO YES BlogSpot BlogSpot is easy to use then WordPress, but I feel WordPressis not very hard to learn, you can always register for the free account and check whether you can manage blog on WordPressor not.

So final decision is up to you guys.

How to increase traffic to your Food Blog

Initially MWTC got traffic  from Blogher only. So I used to get some 3-4 visitors everyday :) After analyzing few to blogs I concluded that your blog MUST have good photographs. Nice photos make your site visually appealing. Mostly popular blogs post very professional photographs and some just nice snaps. So if you are very serious about food blogging, you need to improve your photography skills too.

I recently bought Nikon D5100 with Kit lense , its a good camera for beginners like me. .Luckily few of my photographs are got selected to Foodgawker, and I received more then 2000 visitors in a day. Looks small count, but its huge when your blog is just 1 month old.

Friends here are some useful sites where you can submit your posts and photos.

  1. Foodgawker
  2. Tastespotting
  3. Gojee
  4. Blogher
  5. Tasteologie
  6. foodieblogrole

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